Mechanical Engineer



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After graduating from college, I worked full time at CaptaHydro - a company in Chile working to connect rural farmers to affordable electricity and water management systems.

I oversaw the design of their next generation of water level control devices which required designing system level specifications and features, mechanical design (powertrain, housing, and user mechanisms) of the devices, part sourcing and selection, and manufacturing.

Water Control Devices

Automatic water flow adjustment

My largest project at the company, I lead the design of water level control devices


Early Stage Strategy and Architecture

I developed the strategy used to target different use cases and conditions. I was also in charge of conducting phisical feasibility studies, predicting the performance, cost, and major components of the entire series of products.


Final design and DFM done for 3 base models of turbine that are being built across Chile.


Hydroelectric Turbine: Machine Design

Gen 2 Design

I worked on redesigning Capta Hydro's existing device to make it cheaper, lighter, and easier to set up in the field.


User Driven

This new design allowed us to reduce costs while adding one of the users most requested features: fast installation