Hyundai Elevate

The next generation ultimate mobility vehicle

I contracted for Hyundai's Center for Robotic Augmented Design in Living Experiences (CRADLE) and helped them develop their walking car concept. I worked on generative design, product fit, and engineering considerations for the robot.



Contracting Mechanical Engineer



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I worked with Hyundai's innovation center to help them think about the design strategy for their walking car concept Elevate.

This involved leading project direction, crafting product market fit, and overviewing mechanical design work that was being done by a PD firm.

The Idea

Cars are one of the most iconic devices people interact with everyday. They enable modern transportation, help demonstrate identity, and are plain old fun. But, Hyundai thinks they can be even more - what if they could walk? While it sounds like something straight out of transformers, Hyundai's innovation hub has been working on this concept for a few years and has recently started demoing their progress.


During my time at Hyundai, I worked to cement project direction and create new generative designs for this concept. One of the biggest problems with this new product catagory is societal concept of walking cars. They seem foreign and dangerous. I worked to develop new more people friendly designs.


The Design

After much research and brainstorming, I identified key markets that could be served by this new type of vehicle and helped guide the physical design of the vehicle to fit these goals. Throughout this process, I was also working with a PD firm who was creating the physical models of Elevate. This requred me to create high level feasibility and target documents for the project and review presented designs.

I also worked on creating a new, generatively designed chassis for the Elevate platform using Autodesk generative design. Through this we were able to create parts that were lighter and packaged better than the previous designs.