Stanford 2025: Uncharted Territory

A guide to reimagining higher education

I conducted interviews with students, administrators, and industry experts in higher education and synthesized the results into a book that is currently being distributed by the at Stanford.



User Researcher



Higher education is broken - it's expensive, classes don't accurately reflect people's ability, and, perhaps worst of all, there's little room for passion.

The at Stanford wanted to find out the pioneers exploring what the future of higher education could be. I worked with a team to interview, synthesize, and create a guidebook for students and faculty seaching for a better system.

User Research

I worked primarily on conducting user research of students studying at unique universities. This included creating interview guides, screening, conducting interviews, and distilling that information into useful insights.



After conducting research, I worked collaboratively with a team of 9 to create frameworks to help us find pain points, opportunity areas, and convey our insights to others. Out of our research, we discovered four main areas that higher education was currently failing students in and addressed how and why schools should target these themes if they want to provide the best educational experience possible.